Platform Engineering Intern C++ - University 2017

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Mountain View, San Francisco, Toronto

Mozilla is hiring Software Engineering Interns into our technical teams throughout the world. Our headquarters are based in the Bay Area, but we also have opportunities at our offices in Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Paris, and Berlin!

We are engineers, designers, makers, and problem solvers. We work in the fishbowl known as open source, with a clear focus on making the Web better. Working with us, you’ll help build amazing things like Gecko, Firefox, Rust, and more. To be part of the team, we ask that you be awesome, intelligent, and proud to be moving the mission forward. Rock on.

Mozilla isn’t just a great place to work. It’s an experience you’ll carry with you throughout your career. As part of our internship program, you’ll have the opportunity to be mentored one-on-one by somebody brilliant, to impact the projects you’ll collaborate on, and to never be bored. Ever. From the passionate people you’ll learn from, to the chances you’ll have to make the Web a better place, your time with Mozilla will be unlike any other.

Below is a small snapshot of the work we do to give you an idea about some of the big things you could do at Mozilla.


We have 5 positions open for the following roles in our San Francisco, Mountain View, Portland, and Toronto offices:


Platform Graphics

The Mozilla Platforms ("Gecko" and "Servo") contain everything needed to render, run and access web content. The platform is the engine that drives Firefox on the desktop (Windows, Linux, OS X) as well Android  More details on teams and the projects they work on are available at:

Mozilla's Graphics Team comprises tenacious developers who regularly delve into a problem at multiple levels of abstraction. We produce the parts of Gecko that draw content on screen; our code draws 2D content both in software and hardware, and we're also responsible for image decoding. Our focus is writing fast, lightweight, and maintainable code to make Firefox great for users.

We're looking for C++ or Rust developers who can also look at a disassembly and reason about its performance. The right person will be unafraid to fix bugs in other libraries, and won't rest until they have found a problem's true root cause. Most of all, these people will help us find ways to make web browsers fast using GPUs.


Platform Rendering Intern

The Mozilla Firefox Platform Rendering team is a community of engineers who care deeply about how the Web looks and sounds. We are the team responsible for HTML layout, CSS, Images, Text, Animations, and Video/Audio Playback. Are you a proficient C++ programmer who loves collaborating with other smart and committed engineers to help bring the Open Web to millions of people? We'd love to hear from you!  On our team, will be able to design and develop Firefox features that all of our users see or hear, making the Web Platform more awesome over time.


Platform Embedding Intern

The Platform Embedding team builds embedding and application frameworks to reuse Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine in a variety of software projects, including desktop and mobile applications, embedded devices, automated testing frameworks, and continuous integration services. We spread the benefits of Gecko and the Web to developers across the technology sphere, from large corporations to small projects and individual tinkerers.

On our team, you’ll be an engineer’s engineer, building tools for other developers to use. You’ll touch multiple layers of the technology stack, including Gecko itself, embedding frameworks for multiple platforms, and APIs that extend the capabilities of the Web. You’ll design interfaces (programming, not graphical!). And you’ll interact with many other engineers within Mozilla, at partner organizations, and in the open-source communities of contributors to our projects.


Firefox Core Engineering Intern

The Firefox Core Engineering team works on the back-end of the user interface. Specifically, we’re focused on enabling stability, supporting performance improvements, and anything else that we can do for the front-end (Firefox) that would make the user’s experience better. We work on everything from telemetry, data analysis (and resulting dashboards), install and update processes, and crash reporting.


Basic Qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical discipline with a focus on software development, with graduation dates starting December 2017 and onward

  • Or, recent graduate from a Coding Academy (within last 6 months)


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in programming with C++, with at least two years of C/C++ coursework or practical experience

  • Experience with web development using JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Node.js app development, or Python scripting

  • Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges, propose solutions, and incorporate feedback

  • Passion for working in the open and engaging with Mozilla’s global community


About Mozilla

Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe that open and free is better than closed and controlled. Join us and become part of our mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity online.

Mozilla is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout our recruiting and hiring process and is dedicated to growing our diversity in our workplace.

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