Mozilla Research Internship (US/INTL) - University 2017

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Mountain View, Paris, Portland, San Francisco, Toronto

Mozilla is hiring Software Engineering Interns into our technical teams throughout the world. Our headquarters are based in the Bay Area, but we also have opportunities at our offices in Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Paris, and Berlin!

We are engineers, designers, makers, and problem solvers. We work in the fishbowl known as open source, with a clear focus on making the Web better. Working with us, you’ll help build amazing things like Gecko, Firefox, Rust, WebAssembly, video codecs and more. To be part of the team, we ask that you be awesome, intelligent, and proud to be moving the mission forward. Rock on.

Mozilla isn’t just a great place to work. It’s an experience you’ll carry with you throughout your career. As part of our internship program, you’ll have the opportunity to be mentored one-on-one by somebody brilliant, to impact the projects you’ll collaborate on, and to never be bored. Ever. From the passionate people you’ll learn from, to the chances you’ll have to make the Web a better place, your time with Mozilla will be unlike any other.

Below is a small snapshot of the work we do to give you an idea about some of the big things you could do at Mozilla.

We have 8 positions open for the following roles in our Mountain View, San Francisco, Portland, Toronto, Berlin and Paris offices:


Research Intern

Mozilla is looking for PhD (or motivated MS) level interns to work on various projects within our Research Group. Past interns have done substantial work in Language Design, Compiler Optimizations, Garbage Collection, Static/Dynamic Analysis, Record-and-Replay Debugging, Parallel Algorithms, Graphics, Video Codecs, and Web Application Optimization. Your work will be highly visible and fully open, just like the rest of Mozilla. We’ve put together a list of possible research topics for this particular term, but we’d love it if you have research ideas of your own to bring to the group. As always, we strongly encourage our research interns to submit their results to relevant academic conferences. To apply, submit your resume via the online form located below.

Aside from the general qualifications listed below, each project has its own list of preferred qualifications. As a Research Intern at Mozilla, potential projects you will work on include:



Rust is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Mozilla Research. It is designed to be safe, concurrent, and practical.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in systems software, compilers and algorithms

  • Strong implementation skills (C/C++ or Rust)



A new standard that defines a portable, size and load-time-efficient format and execution model specifically designed to serve as a compilation target for the Web. WebAssembly ( aims to power high-end AAA games, complex C/C++ applications, and more, on the web.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in systems software & compilers

  • Strong implementation skills in C/C++


Daala / AV1

Next generation video compression technology. Daala/AV1 aims to provide a free to implement, use and distribute digital media format and reference implementation with technical performance superior to H.265.

Current Projects:

  • AV1 - Alliance for Open Media:

  • Daala -

  • Opus -

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in Digital Signal Processing and Video Compression

  • Strong implementation skills in C



Servo is a new browser engine designed for maximum performance and safety on modern hardware architectures. Our goal is nothing less than building the fastest and most secure browser engine. We’re looking for you to take on projects in a variety of areas such as graphics, parallel algorithms, testing, JavaScript integration, API design for Servo embedding, and general performance improvements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in one of the following areas: Systems Software, Graphics, Power Management, Parallel Algorithms, Performance Optimization

  • Strong implementation skills in Rust



As part of a new team in the Emerging Technologies group, we’re looking for interns with a variety of skills and backgrounds able to contribute to a fast-moving, exploratory process with a wide range of deliverables.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ph.D candidate and experience in human-computer interaction, information science, information visualization and related fields

  • You should be confident in data analysis at multiple scales: qualitative / ethnographic / interview-based research; survey or pilot study analysis; big data / log analysis. Experience with trend analysis in reporting would also be useful

  • A strong publication record is a plus

  • Bonus for experience in coding web applications and/or ioS/Android applications


Content creation tools for Virtual Reality

A-Frame is a JS framework that lowers the barrier of entry for VR content creation in the Web. We started targeting web developers and now we’re expanding to other user profiles with no programming background. In 2016 we released a visual inspector ( and in 2017 we’re emphasizing VR creation in the VR medium. We would like a candidate that helps us design and implement the next generation of VR creation tools:

  • Computer graphics (OpenGL / WebGL) and game development experience

  • Experience in Web Development (HTML, Javascript)

  • Interest in content creation tools


Augmented Reality

Current web browsers support a range of media, from images and text to videos and 3D.  Recently, Mozilla led the effort to add virtual reality to the web (via the WebVR standard).  We are now pursuing support for adding Augmented Reality content to the Web. Supporting AR will require advances in many areas, including:

  • Computer vision in the browser (e.g., leveraging efficient video access, high performance open standards such as webassembly)

  • Web browser architectures (e.g, efficient access to sensors and RGB and RGBD video, rendering of web content in AR)

  • Understanding how AR content will be most effectively integrated with the web and used by consumers.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: Systems Software, Graphics, Computer Vision, UI Tools, Design and Evaluation of AR Experiences

  • Strong implementation skills in Javascript, iOS/Android, or Windows

  • Higher level software tools (javascript libraries, cross platform abstractions, design and debugging tools) and/or understanding user needs and experiences  


Deep Learning: Voice Recognition

Speech will be a piece of any possible future for Connected Devices. However, production quality speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) are currently controlled by a few “big players”, Google, Apple, Amazon, and the like. This places Mozilla in a difficult position, either partner with such a “big player” or create an open source solution.

Partnering has its problems. User’s private conversations will be offered up to Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the like, something that runs counter to all Mozilla stands for. We should not be a part of users losing control of their data.

You will be part of the Speech@Mozilla team where we create a production quality STT engine and a production quality TTS voice. Preference will be given for candidates with experience with MI framework tensorflow.


General Qualifications

  • Experience in systems software and algorithms

  • Ability to quickly learn and be effective with a large code base

  • Experience with writing and publishing academic papers

  • Experienced with low level programming (examples include device drivers, virtual machine implementations, OS kernels, game engines, etc.)

  • Interest in web technology

Note that this is a long wishlist of qualifications: if you feel you have some but not all of these skills, but you are interested, please do apply anyway.

**Please include a cover letter describing your research topic and/or dissertation topic and relevant project choice/area of interest.**


About Mozilla

Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe that open and free is better than closed and controlled. Join us and become part of our mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity online.

Mozilla is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout our recruiting and hiring process and is dedicated to increasing diversity in our workplace.

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