Contract Project Coordinator

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Mozilla is looking to fill a contract Project Coordinator position to work with the Mozilla IT team

supporting medium to large scale deployment projects. The Project Coordinator reports to a

Project/Program Manager and synchronizes all the operations involved in the successful

completion of multiple projects. The Project Coordinator will support the Project/Program

Manager in coordinating and facilitating team members in multiple locations, working with

cross-functional project teams, and ensuring project deliverables are met. To be successful, the

coordinator will maintain project schedules, track project milestones, communicate and follow up

on required actions, develop and maintain project status reports, and document the project risks

and mitigation plans. This position is needed for H1 of 2017.

Scope of Work and Desired Skills

Project Coordinator scope of work and responsibilities include:

● Meeting with the Project/Program Manager to understand all vital aspects of the

assigned project.

● Ensuring all team members understand the scope of the project as well as what they are

individually responsible for through RACI diagrams and stakeholder communications.

● Developing and maintaining schedules of what needs to be completed by what date, as

well as supporting the scheduling of team meetings and coordinating the agenda.

● Compiling and maintaining interim project reports and minutes of meetings.

● Communicating relevant information to all team members, such as change in schedule

dates, changes in the project's requirements, unexpected hitches etc.

● Coordinating activities with vendors and suppliers and maintaining relationships with


● Assisting the Project/Program Manager in various activities such preparing for meetings

with upper management.