Lead, Global Agenda Engagement

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Lead, Global Agenda Engagement

Role Description:

Mozilla has a unique perspective about the Internet and online life. We believe the Internet is a central element in life and should be considered in broad areas of global development. We want the Internet to represent a global public resource, open and accessible to all. We want everyone to be creators of online life as well as consumers. We want people to be secure. We want people to have meaningful choices about their online experience. We seek the opportunity that a level playing field and interoperable systems bring. We believe that digital literacy is important for everyone, and that “access” must be accompanied by capacity building.

This perspective should be well represented within the institutions that seek to shape the global agenda. Such institutions include the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, national foreign ministries, and other institutions with similar scopes. To date we’ve done this through part time contributions of a number of people. Now we’re ready for someone to take on this work as a primary focus. Success in this role means playing a meaningful role in collaborating with others at Mozilla in the design, management, and successful execution of a range of activities.

What You Will Do

  • You will participate in the development and public expression of areas of the global internet health agenda we wish to influence.
  • You will update and revise Mozilla’s global agenda engagement plan as necessary. We have an initial plan for how Mozilla’s perspective will be successfully represented within the institutions that seek to shape the global agenda. This role will maintain the plan for internal awareness and coordination purposes, as part of executing on the agenda.
  • You will determine what content is necessary for Mozilla’s thought leadership by analyzing global developments, preparing and reporting on international processes and events. You will drive and execute content development in conjunction with other Mozilla teams — such as written pieces, comments to documents, talking points, speeches, op­ed pieces, official submissions.
  • You will identify and empower partners, and other champions of internet health to support broadening the international consensus
  • You will serve as Mozilla’s ongoing presence at identified fora, and serve as the official “deputy” when another of Mozilla’s thought leaders serves as the principal. This involves both representing agreed upon approaches and engaging independently in the field, and preparing the person who will be speaking or representing.
  • You will synthesize activities in the fora described above and make policy and program recommendations about if and when and how Mozilla should engage.

What you bring:

  • You understand the Open Web, its history and what makes it work.
  • You have a passion for Internet­ and technology­ related issues.
  • You have at least 4 years of professional experience, preferably in an international context, and a track record of working with different stakeholders and in different contexts, including intergovernmental and multi­ stakeholder settings.
  • You are stimulated by working with a broad range of policy, regulatory, legal, academic, and consumer stakeholders.
  • You have uncommon instincts for internal coalition building within a complex organization like Mozilla.
  • For you, networking in global Internet issue space is second nature.
  • You bring a global/multi­national perspective, are ideally fluent in a language other than English.
  • You have experience in writing analyses, op­-eds and public speaking situations as well as in engaging in representative/high­ level formats.

Mozilla is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout our recruiting and hiring process and is dedicated to increasing diversity in our workplace.