Director of SEO and Marketing Analytics

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Berlin, Mountain View, Portland, San Francisco, Toronto
Mozilla is looking for a transformational leader to grow our Marketing Analytics team, bring rigor and transparency to all our marketing efforts and re-write the book on Marketing Analytics by helping us drive the Lean Data revolution. We need your help to shape our marketing mix, enable teams to uncover hidden insights, manage our omni-channel data management platform and create a culture built on accountability and data-based decision making. We need someone to ask “why?” and to help our teams answer that question. We need someone who is influential enough to lead without direct authority and drive partner organizations--internal and external--so we develop a better grasp on the health of our businesses. We’d love it if you were gifted in creating simple presentations of complex data sets and explaining our data in ways that most people can easily understand. We want to know that you’re a proven developer of talent; you’ll join a team that we think includes future leaders in the industry. We’d also love you to have a great professional network to lean on when it’s time to grow your team as Marketing Analytics becomes a strategic priority in the next few years. You’ll also have an eye on technology purchases or acquisitions that would allow Mozilla to become a recognized expert in this field and possibly open up new lines of business for us. As inbound and content marketing become a larger part of our acquisition mix, we’re also looking for someone who can coach our teams on how to build content for SEO. This likely requires expertise in both content approaches and technical design. You would be our in house SEO expert and develop sophistication within the organization. Lastly, we hope you’re excited by the opportunity to develop a world-class Analytics team while operating within the strong principles of user-sovereignty and control that Mozilla holds sacrosanct. We’re pioneering a Lean Data approach that prizes collecting only the data we need, keeping it only as long as we need it and making sure everything we do with data is transparent to the user in ways that will set an industry standard. You have an opportunity to reshape industry perspective in the name of greater trust, privacy and transparency.


Some qualifications you might have:
  • Teach our engineers and writers to think in SEO-friendly terms and raise the ROI on our content marketing efforts.
  • Help teams develop workflows to ensure SEO considerations are core to the publishing process
  • Counsel our marketing teams on how to develop specific, clear performance targets that can impact Mozilla’s top-line goals
  • Experience working in OKR frameworks
  • Help business owners measure key drivers and help them refine their perspective on what those key drivers are
  • Persuade and influence. A lot.
  • Building attribution models for web software
  • Integrate new technology that can enhance our analytic capabilities
  • Be willing to challenge assumptions about what data we need and keep user trust front and center
  • Manage external partners to deliver development and technology requirements
  • Know how to help teams design experiments and A/B tests
  Mozilla is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity throughout our recruiting and hiring process and is dedicated to increasing diversity in our workplace.