Open Source Engagement Engineer

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Open Source Engagement Engineer

Mozilla’s Open Innovation team is driving the ways in which the organization works effectively beyond its own boundaries.

That includes
  • Being deliberate about the role our products and technologies play in any particular market
  • Being clear on decision-making and participation models for our open source projects
  • Engage interested parties throughout our product development lifecycle


To bring this strategy to life, Mozilla needs a versatile and established expert in open source, with technical knowledge and leadership skills who is able to work across the organization to advance Mozilla’s open source projects, both in capabilities and in contributor reward.

Success will mean that projects are strategically adapted to the markets they exist in and are functionally suited to the needs of desired participants. A good project is one that will reward and retain its contributors and produce software with market, and therefore ultimately user, impact.

Beyond that, we want to advance the state of open source. This means we will be implementing new tools and processes within our open source programs to improve the quality of software, to make projects more sustainable, and to increase diversity of participation within projects.

We’re looking for a community engineer who has established themselves as a leader in building successful open source software. If you are an experienced open source engineer, with software development and communications skills and a desire to lead, inspire, and support others, we would like to talk to you. If you retain a leadership position within an open source project that you do not wish to relinquish, we are open to including this within your responsibilities.


This is a good fit for you if you have experience...
  • Building and leading established open source projects
  • Advocating for open source within technology organizations
  • Engaging with business strategies of technology organizations
  • Sustaining healthy, diverse, open communities
  • Speaking and creating written content that moves others to action
  • Mentoring people of all levels both in person and online
  • Working as a professional developer or programmer
  • Being associated with an open source project that is related to a Mozilla project, or a project that we rely on.


Your Responsibilities Advising on design of open source communities across Mozilla
  • Identifying possible stakeholders and contributors to an open source project and understanding their needs.
  • Provide guidance to teams on building and managing open source collaboration infrastructure, tools, and processes.
  • Advising teams within Mozilla on QA, incentivization, retention, release management, governance and licensing models in line with their specific market conditions and strategies.
  • Prioritize community health and diversity in our design of new programs.
Documenting and disseminating best practices in open source across a network of leaders at Mozilla
  • Operating an internal network of interest in the topic of open source
  • Working with the open source experiment team to funnel successful experiments into the open source communities across Mozilla and beyond
  • Identifying and deploying new ways of working in open source across the industry that are showing good results and can be implemented in Mozilla communities.
Provide ongoing consulting support to open innovation projects
  • Driving and supporting change within the organization towards open practices.
  • Handling goals and measures that speak to impact and theories of change, including building reporting methods
  • Shape strategies, workshops/summits and resources for OI initiatives – including professional development, recognition and progression
  • Support and advice on OI community development, including being the voice and evangelist for open source student clubs.
Retaining an active leadership role in an existing open source project
  • Fulfilling the duties of a maintainer or similar status within a recognized project (ideally one related to Mozilla projects, or one that Mozilla recognizes through the Mozilla Open Source Support program).


About You You'll be successful in this role if:
  • You have hands-on experience in open source projects
  • You’ve been in software development for at least 10 years
  • You have deep knowledge of Web technologies
  • You have a wide range of technical interests
  • You understand the motivations of individuals and of organizations to invest in open source development
  • You have a broad technical understanding
  • You’re know how to influence people
  • You like speaking in public
  • Are able to undertake a reasonable amount of travel


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