Community Participation Guidelines (CPG), Incident Response Coordinator

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Mountain View, Portland, Remote, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver

The target locations for this position are our offices in; Mountain View, San Francisco, Portland, Toronto, Vancouver or remote in Canada or USA

At Mozilla we believe that healthy communities are innovative communities, and that effective, transparent and trusted enforcement of our Community Participation Guidelines is key to welcoming diverse perspectives. This is an opportunity to establish Mozilla as a leader in developing inclusive communities - with the potential to influence the entire open ecosystem.

We know that to build a community that feels safe, heard and valued we need to design frameworks that scale our response to incidents that violate our CPG, in a way that is understood and real.

We’re looking for an individual with passion and career goals for empowering open communities through effective and scalable processes of enforcement for participation guidelines (Code of Conduct). This person brings talent and energy to the challenge of triaging multiple CPG case processes with variables of urgency, timeline and stakeholders; all with dedication to improving those processes as we learn.


This role is for you if you stand out as…

  • An expert, and advocate for diversity & inclusion, especially in volunteer and open communities.
  • Someone passionate about developing, documenting and sharpening effective processes.
  • Someone with a strong aptitude for collaboration and building relationships internally and externally.
As CPG Incident Response Coordinator you will be responsible for…
  • Effectively responding-to and managing processes for CPG incident reports.
  • Building relationships, and credibility within the organization through process, consultation, and dependability.
  • Maintaining and improving documented standards and methodologies for incident responses.
  • Identifying and effectively communicating risks, dependencies and impact across teams.
  • Designing and maintaining timelines for response, including follow-up and onboarding of contributors after voluntary and imposed bans.
  • Facilitate and coordinate working group responses to more complex, or interwoven cases.
  • Lead recommended action - including communication of bans, warnings and other consequence.
  • Design onboarding/reestablishment in the community for those returning after issued consequence.
  • Establish, and maintain methods of tracking decisions, outcomes and recommendation revisions within boundaries of privacy of individuals involved.
  • Regularly collaborate and consult with partners in the CPG investigative process including legal, HR and Office of the Chair.
The Skills and Background you Bring…
  • You have led or designed Code of Conduct resolution processes in other open source communities or non-profit organizations.
  • You have worked in a project or organization with global communities.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple processes, with differing timelines, complexity and risk.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to engage dialogue and communication to reach resolutions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, able to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to develop strong trusted relationships with staff teams and community and partners in order to gain support and achieve consensus in recommendations.
  • Inclination towards proactive - takes initiative to identify and anticipate the most appropriate actions for generating recommendations.
  • Talent for organization - ability and desire to continually improve and document and give visibility to processes.
  • Building systems of respect with discretion and privacy of all involved (reporter, staff, impacted staff, victim).
  • An attitude of learning in all you do, to understand and embrace the challenges of empowering a global community.
  • An eye for investigation - developing lightweight methods that validate, clarify and generate gaps in knowledge.
  • Empathetic, open and honest communicator and listener.
  • You have a background or experience in HR investigation.
  • You have experience dealing with complex reporting attributes like anonymous reporting.
  • Fluency in more than one language.