Once a Mozillian,
always a Mozillian

Mozilla isn’t just a great place to intern. It’s an experience you’ll carry with you throughout your career.

From the people you’ll meet and collaborate with — a passionate global community of technologists, thinkers and builders — to the opportunities you’ll have to learn and make the Web a better place, it’s safe to say your internship with Mozilla will be unlike any other.

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It's different here. Good different.

As part of our internship program, there are things you’ll experience — and things you’ll never experience.

You will

  • Be mentored 1:1 by somebody brilliant.
  • Work on and impact cool projects like Firefox and Rust.
  • Get to take part in lots of awesome activities with your fellow interns.
  • Be able to blog about your projects and share them with the outside world.
  • No longer be the smartest person in the room.
  • Be part of our community care program — aka, Army of Awesome.

You will not

  • Ever be bored. We just won’t let that happen.
  • Leave without having learned a lot.
  • Be able to hide. At Mozilla, we work in the open and share with our community.
  • Go hungry. There are snacks and drinks everywhere!
  • Be able to stop telling everyone you know how great it is to be a Mozillian.

Things you’ll want to know

When should I apply?

We begin accepting internship applications in October and are typically finished recruiting for the calendar year by the end of April. While there is no set application deadline, we have a limited number of positions open each year, so apply early! All open positions are posted on our listings page.

What is the interview process like?

Our interview process is pretty straightforward. You can expect to have 3–5 technical interviews with live coding questions, usually done via Skype. We think our interviewers are pretty tough, but the students who make it through usually tell us they had fun. Weird? Maybe. But at Mozilla, weird is normal.

Will I get paid?

Yes! We offer a competitive stipend in addition to housing, immigration and relocation assistance. And of course, lots of swag!

Where will I be?

We host interns at our several offices around the world: Mountain View, San Francisco, Toronto and Paris. Your internship location will be based on the location of your team and/or your mentor, with whom you'll work closely.

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Check out what our interns have been working on

Improving User Adoption of Persona - Hannah Quay de la Vallee
Add-on Debugging Made Easy - Mike Hordecki
The Life and Death of Tabs - James Ellis
"You get to work on highly relevant projects with a team of extremely smart yet fun people. My experience here was nothing short of amazing."
Shilpan Bhagat — Mobile Front End Engineering Intern
"Interning at Mozilla was one of the best things I have done for my personal and professional development. A truly rewarding experience."
Joe Kelly — Metrics Intern
"My intern always asked good questions — which kept me on my toes — and had creative ways to approach a problem we were trying to solve. It was fantastic!"
Christina Choi — Mentor

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